Experienced Operator Training Course

We will require:


A Suitable area/room for the Theory Session


A Suitable Area for Practical Sessions


An Appropriate Machine


Suitable Load for Practical Training

Experienced Forklift Operator Training Course – Forklift Training in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

A1 Forklift Truck Training is dedicated to providing attentive, high-quality forklift operator training in Newcastle that gives our trainees the skills and knowledge they need to get the job done right. We work throughout the North East to bring our clients the best, fully accredited forklift training, helping employers ensure the safety of their drivers, employees, and equipment at all times.

Our Experienced Forklift Operator Training Course is fully ITSSAR/AITT/BRITTOp accredited, ensuring our trainees always receive the best instruction. Ideal for those with essential operating experience, this course will provide you with the in-depth theoretical knowledge and practical skills you need to operate a variety of forklift equipment safely. 

The training in this course is also approved by the HSE, is in line with the relevant health and safety regulations, and complies with the latest pest practice and legal requirements. Our courses are also continuously updated as necessary, ensuring we always provide the most up-to-date instruction. 

To find out more about our Experienced Forklift Operator Training Course, or to see how we can use our two decades of experience to help you ensure your forklift operators are fully trained in all the necessary areas, get in touch with us today on 0777 591 7158 or
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Why is Forklift Operator Training Important?

Companies rely on forklifts to move large, heavy objects around storage facilities and construction sites. Due to the weight and size of the objects they carry, the proper training is essential in maintaining the safety of the drivers and employees, as it can help prevent potentially dangerous accidents and workplace injuries. 

Ensuring forklift drivers are adequately trained and certified also allows employers to benefit from:

  • Safer workplaces. 
  • Decreased likelihood of equipment and property damage. 
  • Increased productivity. 
  • Less time and money wasted on mistakes and accidents.
  • Improved employee morale. 
  • Lower insurance rates. 


There are three levels of forklift training, namely basic forklift training, job-specific forklift training, and familiarisation forklift training, and it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure their drivers receive the proper training to fulfil their duties as safely as possible. Additionally, continual observations should also be carried out to identify if any re-training is necessary. 

With the forklift truck training courses we offer at A1 Forklift Truck Training, we can help you meet all the necessary guidelines and requirements, and ensure that your drivers are working according to the strictest standards of health and safety. 


Our Forklift Training Course

Our Experienced Forklift Operator Training Course is aimed at people who have some level of previous operating experience, but who either do not have a basic training certificate or are unable to provide proof that they have previously held one. 

The course is delivered using a combination of theory and practical sessions, ensuring your operators have a complete understanding of lift trucks, as well as the best practice while operating them. 

This forklift instructor training course is offered over three days, but this can be reduced if the number of trainees is less than three. All training is carried out on your site using your equipment for your convenience, allowing operators to be trained on the actual machines they operate. 

Additionally, our training courses are carried out according to nationally recognised ITSSAR, AITT, or BRITTOp standards, as recommended by HSE Approved Code of Practice L117 (Rider-Operated Lift Trucks – Operator Training).

To complete the training on your site, we will require:

  • A suitable room or area for the theory sessions. 
  • A suitable area for the practical sessions. 
  • An appropriate machine. 
  • A suitable load for practical training. 

Please also take note of our maximum training ratio: 

  • 3 x Trainees.
  • 1 x FLT.
  • 1 x Instructor. 


At A1 Forklift Truck Training, we are passionate about delivering high-quality training courses that ensure the complete safety and satisfaction of our clients. No matter what your unique requirements may be, we will use their 20 years of industry experience to deliver informative training sessions that ensure the continued safety of your employees. 

We are ITSSAR / AITT / BRiTTOP Registered Operator Training Organisation and now Third Party Approved Awarding Organisation for the CITB.