Reach forklift and counterbalance forklift

Sep 4, 2023

Reach Forklift and Counterbalance training in Cramlington

Our Professional training providers in Cramlington offer comprehensive courses that cover both theoretical knowledge and practical hands-on experience. These courses are designed to ensure that participants are well-versed in the safe and efficient operation of Reach forklifts and counterbalance forklifts.

What is a reach forklift

Reach forklifts, are designed to work in tight spaces and reach heights that traditional counterbalance forklifts can’t. Their unique design includes telescoping forks and a stabilizing outrigger, which allows them to extend their reach beyond the base legs. This design enables them to access pallets stored on high racks while maintaining stability.

Reach Forklift
Vertical Space Utilization

Reach Forklifts allows vertical storage space to be used to its maximum potential, while having an advantage in warehouses with high ceilings.

Manoeuvring Finesse

The Reach Forklift’s compact design allows it to navigate narrow passageways with ease.

Precision Handling

These forklifts offer excellent control and precision when positioning loads, making them ideal for delicate or fragile items.

Increased Productivity

Reach forklifts enable quicker loading and unloading, reducing downtime and increasing overall productivity.

What is a Counterbalance forklift

Counterbalance forklifts are the backbone of countless warehouses. They derive their name from their inherent stability, eliminating the need for extra counterweights due to their balanced weight distribution. This innate stability allows them to perform tasks without the fuss of outriggers or additional stabilisation mechanisms, making them versatile and dependable.

Reach Forklift
Ease of Use

Counterbalance Forklifts are known for their simplicity. With their familiar design and controls, operators can quickly get up to speed, leading to increased productivity.


These forklift’s ability to work indoors and outdoors, while navigating various terrains and surfaces makes them invaluable in many industries.


Thanks to their compact design, counterbalance forklifts excel in tight spaces, making them ideal for warehouse operations where space is at a premium.


The simplicity of their design often translates to lower maintenance costs, making them a cost-effective choice for businesses.

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